An elite organization of like minded executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs.


Benefits listed below are for South Africa Business Network paid members which require a fee. For more information please fill out this form and one of our associates will assist you.

Executive & Social Network

The South Africa Business Network is a celebrated class of connections that create professional opportunities for our members. Through contact with numerous individuals in a variety of professional backgrounds, members are armed with the opportunity to develop mutually beneficial relationships. The Network is the perfect forum for exchanging ideas and referrals, as well as acquiring specialized information and opening the doorway to new markets.

Networking with individuals from a variety of backgrounds is crucial for the success of any professional, executive or entrepreneur regardless of the industry you work in. In today’s competitive business world, which is filled with obstacles, it is necessary for you to establish a substantial list of contacts in order to be exposed to enriching opportunities. That is exactly why the Network has arranged this interconnected selection of specialists for the benefit of their members. The Professional Social Network by is the perfect gateway for exchanging ideas and referrals, as well as acquiring specialized information and opening the doorway to new markets.

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The World Business Almanac

Upon Acceptance, South Africa Business Network will publish your professional biography in the world renowned World Business Almanac. Your listing in this book is a tribute to your professional achievements, and is a privilege that you share with thousands of other members who are all leaders in their various and highly respected industries.

Inclusion in The World Business Almanac is highly coveted, and only offered to those individuals who complete our competitive evaluation process. It serves as a reference and a guide, but is also a symbol of achievement and status.

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The Almanac Online

The South Africa Business Network Website provides our members with state of the art networking capabilities. We provide a secure environment where our members have private access to other members, as well as their own biographies. By keeping your professional biography and contact information current, you allow the opportunity for new career opportunities, business endeavors, and professional relationships.

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Personal Branding Website

The South Africa Business Network Personal Branding Website will be created to publicize your career, business, or organization. The site includes a home page, biography page, personal contact page, press release page, links to all of your social networks, and contains Word-Press style blog functionality. The Network will place your site in the forefront of search engine results, and its marketing team will manage and direct online traffic to your site on an ongoing basis.

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Video Release

The South Africa Business Network Video Release positions participating members as the subject of their own professional, news-format video. Produced by a seasoned director, each video is created with a professional actor or actress speaking about your brand, products, expertise, and accomplishments. When completed, it is distributed online to various video channels and social networks including YouTube, and Yahoo.

The Video Release is a great way for you to promote your brand, products and services to current and prospective contacts. It offers tremendous opportunity for increased recognition, added exposure and enhanced credibility.

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Cherry Wood Scroll Plaque

Solid wood and laser engraved, The South Africa Business Network wall plaque is a personal tribute to the success you have attained throughout your career. It serves as a way to further validate your achievements, and honors your acceptance into our prestigious organization.

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Certificate of Recognition

Upon acceptance into the South Africa Business Network, members are awarded a Certificate of Recognition. Each certificate is personalized and contains the South Africa Business Network seal of authenticity. The certificate is a beautifully designed, enhancement to any office décor. The Certificate of Recognition serves as a third party endorsement of your business and personal achievement.

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Press Release

Written by our editors, The South Africa Business Network Press Release announces your acceptance and inclusion in The Network and recognizes your listing in The World Business Almanac. It also highlights your achievements, educational background, affiliations, and rewards that you have attained throughout your career. It is viewed as a benchmark of your accomplishments, and is ideal for submission to your local media and any other associations to which you belong.

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Glass Desk Tribute

The beveled glass desk tribute displays your honored status as a member. This laser engraved tribute can be proudly displayed on your desk for clients and colleagues to admire.

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Proclamation Plaque

Offered solely to Executives, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs of the Year is the South Africa Business Network Proclamation. Made from cherry wood and beveled glass, the proclamation highlights you as a member of our exclusive program, and emphasizes the reasons why we selected you to receive this special honor.

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Multi-Media Branding Package

Sent out to all major news media organizations, the South Africa Business Network Multi-Media Branding Package, places your press release and personal website within the first few result pages on most major search engines.

Driving traffic to your website and making you a more valuable networking contact and/or job candidate, the Multi-Media Package provides a third party endorsement of your credentials and builds your credibility within your industry and profession. So now, when your peers, colleagues, business associates, potential clients or employers, in fact anyone, anywhere in the world, simply type your name into a search engine, your web-site will appear giving you unlimited recognition, exposure and credibility.

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This is your professional window to the entire South Africa Business Network. Your biography enables you to build your personal brand through your online presence and is a powerful way to promote your identity and achievements. Uploading a professional photo or logo is another great tool in enhancing recognition. Your biography should describe you and your business in detail as well as your educational background and expertise.

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Blogs are an invaluable tool for communicating with customers or employees to share your knowledge and expertise. The Network provides the forum to share your professional expertise, build additional web traffic, and connect with potential customers.

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Members Gallery

Provides The South Africa Business Network members with space to virtually promote their products and services or display professional photos and photos of your latest initiatives.

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Here you may provide a detailed event description. Use the “include others” feature in this arena to invite fellow members to attend your events. This is a great way to expose your ideas and advertise your promotions across the network.

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The Market Place provides a platform for members to showcase their products and services. Members are afforded the ability to upload pictures and descriptions as well as provide a link to their online store if applicable. The Market Place creates an additional avenue for members of this privileged network to drive their business to the next level.

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Savings On What You’re Already Buying

The South Africa Business Network fully understands the rising costs of doing business and therefore has set up their own Discount Network. Through the numerous partnerships the organization has formed, the Network has the ability to offer members exclusive access to discounts from thousands of merchants.

These enormous savings provide members with the means to stretch out their personal and professional budgets. Members have the potential to save more money than the cost of membership itself.

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