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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How is an individual selected for candidacy?
  • The South Africa Business Network Marketing and Research Department looks for accomplished individuals who would benefit most from our networking resources. These are people who we feel are on a path to future success either because of their past accomplishments, status in their field or their credentials. We use a variety of resources to identify South Africa Business Network candidates. Individuals who are affiliated with professional associations and societies, attend core events within their field or subscribe to certain periodicals are ideal candidates, as they have sought enrichment within their career fields and participate in activities that extend beyond the workplace. These are the executives, professionals and entrepreneurs who we actively seek out and select as candidates for the World business Almanac.

    In addition, the active members of South Africa Business Network have the ability to nominate peers, colleagues, mentors and associates for South Africa Business Network membership. Nominating others is a privilege reserved exclusively for our members.
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  • Who nominated me?
  • Unless we indicate that you were nominated by a South Africa Business Network member, you were not nominated, but selected by our Marketing and Research Department.
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  • How do I become a member?
  • You must complete the Enroll Page. Once we receive your completed application, a South Africa Business Network representative reviews your information and contacts you via telephone to conduct a short interview. Upon completion of the interview, the representative will state if your membership has been approved and then outline the details of South Africa Business Network membership.
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  • How much does it cost to be included?
  • There is no cost for the complimentary listing in the online Business Almanac. There is a cost associated with our membership programs, as they feature additional products and services.
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  • I donít feel I am qualified to be listed. Why did I receive this mailing?
  • The South Africa Business Network has identified the benefit of offering professional networking services to its members and facilitating networking opportunities among executives, professionals and entrepreneurs in different stages of their careers. There are many worthy candidates on their way to becoming leaders in their respective fields who can benefit from membership. Do not be discouraged from applying if you have not reached your end career goal or are still establishing yourself in your profession. Join our unique social network.
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  • What other membership levels are available?
  • Various levels of memberships are available to our members. Upon your acceptance into South Africa Business Network, a representative will review these programs with you.
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  • What are the different types of membership programs?
  • There are several different membership programs available to our members. Each membership consists of one or more of the member products listed in the Member Benefits section of our website. For more information regarding our membership programs, please submit your online membership application and a representative will contact you.
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  • Who can view my complimentary listing?
  • Your complimentary listing is viewable only by South Africa Business Network members. Non-members who visit will not be able to view your listing.
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