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Featured Member

Elzette Bargiacchi

Title : Training motivation and marketing

Marketing Area : Local

Type Of Business : Motivational Training & Development

Industry : Training

Expertise : B2B marketing, NLP Coaching, Motivational Map Practitioner

Years Of Experience In Industry : 11 Years

Products And/Or Services :

Conferencing, Function & Training Facilities

Soft Skills Training Programmes 

Leadership Developement 

Motivational Audits, Development and Performance Strategies 

FET College with full time and part time programmes 


Affiliations Awards :

SA Council for Business Women

The JobClub, Businessplan competition

16 Days of Activism Women and Child Abuse,




Future Career And Business Goals :

To expand on current business facilities providing quality, affordable and accessible training and education. 


Featured Member

Helga Barkhuizen

Title : Owner

Marketing Area : Regional

Type Of Business : Environmental/Landscape Consultancy

Industry : Entrepreneur

Expertise : Landscape Design, Solutions for the Industry, Enviro Rehab Program (Charity)

Years Of Experience In Industry : 4 Years

Products And/Or Services :

Environmental Assessments, Lawn and Garden Maintenance, Landscape Design


Affiliations Awards :

Landscape Association of South Africa


Future Career And Business Goals :


Featured Member

Denise Barnard

Title : Editor

Type Of Business : Publishing

Industry : Publishing/Editing/Typesetting

Years Of Experience In Industry : 4 years

Products And/Or Services :

Harley Davidson


Affiliations Awards :

Cancer Awareness Program


Featured Member

Lillian Barnard

Title : Owner & Founder

Marketing Area : National

Type Of Business : Corporate Coaching for Women

Industry : Consulting Services

Expertise : Consulting, recruitment, empowering women

Years Of Experience In Industry : 1 year

Products And/Or Services :

Recruitment and consulting for women in the corporate world


Affiliations Awards :

Business Women Association, Black Management Forum, Volunteers with the Tswelopele Goals Club and Dream Girls


Featured Member

Jessica Batts

Marketing Area : International

Type Of Business : Business services, Consulting services

Industry : Consulting Services

Expertise : Banking, Insurance, Strategy, Stakeholder Management, Leadership Development, Change Management, Perflormance Management, Personal Development, Coaching, Mentoring, People Management, Sales Management, Operational and Risk Management, Financial Management,Project Management

Years Of Experience In Industry : 20 years

Products And/Or Services :

Life Coaching

Team Coaching

Business Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Business Mentoring

Leadership Mentoring





Affiliations Awards :


Comensa    (Coaches and Mentors of SA)

BMF           (Black Management Florum)

BWASA      (Business Wlomen's Association of SA




Future Career And Business Goals :


My future career goals are to establish a successful business as a Practitioner in the Coaching and Mentoring Business.

To make a contribution in the lifes of people, in order to enhance their own skills, knowledge and relationships and ultimately meet their goals.


Featured Member

Angelique Baulch

Title : Customs Compliance Manager - Africa

Marketing Area : International

Type Of Business : Import & Export Management

Industry : Compliance

Expertise : Research, import and export, compliance, supply chain management, revenues, bank requirements

Years Of Experience In Industry : 13 years

Products And/Or Services :

Renewable energy resources, healthcare, diagnostics automation, resources, infrastructure, IT solutions, development


Affiliations Awards :

SANWIT: South African Woman in Transport


Featured Member

Bronwyn Bayvel

Title : Director

Marketing Area : National

Type Of Business : Finance

Industry : Finance

Expertise : Corporate Finance, Capital Raising, Due Diligence, Asset Management, Real Estate

Years Of Experience In Industry : 12 Years

Products And/Or Services :

Independent Company, Corporate, Finance and Advisory Services, Mergers and Acquisitions, Victorian Alfred Waterfront Estates


Future Career And Business Goals :


Featured Member

Belinda Bedell

Title : Owner, Managing Consultant

Marketing Area : International

Type Of Business : Research Consulting services

Industry : Research (Non-Scientific)

Expertise : Research design, project management, data analysis (qualitative/ quantitative), report-writing.

Years Of Experience In Industry : 11 years

Products And/Or Services :

  • Research design (methodology/ approach, sample outline, questionnaire/ discussion guide development, data specification)
  • Data analysis and interpretation  (quantitiative & qualitative)
  • Report generation and writing (Topline to strategic level)
  • Presentation of findings

I also offer assistance with

  • Proposal writing
  • Sourcing moderators for qualitative work
  • Sourcing fieldwork and data capture/ computing suppliers via my trusted contacts.




Future Career And Business Goals :

My goals are simple:

  • To build strong relationships with my contacts and clients so that we can help one another;
  • To continue to learn how to do my work better and/or how to do new things;
  • To provide excellent service to my clients so that they can make informed decisions.


Featured Member

Beverley Bedford

Title : Quality Assurance Director

Marketing Area : International

Type Of Business : Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Sanpro

Industry : Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnology

Expertise : Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

Years Of Experience In Industry : 27 years

Products And/Or Services :

Consumer products, baby products, shampoos, Neutrogena, pharmaceutical products


Affiliations Awards :

Self Medication Association of South Africa, Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa, Linked In


Featured Member

Dhereen Beedasie

Title : Technical Manager

Marketing Area : International

Type Of Business : Machinery

Industry : Manufacturing/Production/Machinery

Expertise : Responsible for managing processes in line with all equipment and costs, negotiation of service contracts, analyzing of competition and planning/executing having programs to all technical engineers. Develop and own profitable customer contact management strategies to orchestrate ourgo-to-market programs

Years Of Experience In Industry : 4+ years

Products And/Or Services :

Barloworld SEM was founded in 2008 to provide Southern African contractors with an alternative cost effective solution for lighter to medium duty earthmoving applications. Providing a range of medium size wheel loaders suited to a variety of tasks in the construction, mining and quarrying industries. Barloworld SEM is a division of Barloworld Handling, a division of industrial brand management company. Barloworld Limited, which enabled them to utilize a well established service and support infrastructure. Barloworld SEM has the capacity to product more than 15,000 wheel loaders annually and its products are sold in more than 80 countries.


Affiliations Awards :

Received the Eagle Wing Nominee Award for the Leader Development Program


Future Career And Business Goals :

My future vision is to be on the board of directors at any company.

My mission in achieving this goal is to further my intellectual knowledge in business.

Continuously adapting to change and making the most out of a bad situation.