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Featured Member

Bianca Isaac

Title : Owner, Executive Producer, Film Producer

Marketing Area : International

Type Of Business : Media and entertainment, television, film, radio

Industry : Television/Film/Radio

Expertise : Bianca is a film producer responsible for putting together shows, searching for financing for the films and overseeing the entire process

Years Of Experience In Industry : 10

Products And/Or Services :

Figjam Entertainment (Pty) Ltd; is a media entertainment company specializing in film production. The company’s main objective is to create film products (drama, action, comedy, animation, fantasy, romantic comedies, etc) that can be globally marketed and distributed.

The company’s expertise extend into television production (drama series, sitcoms, game shows, life style magazine programmes, children’s programming), advertising (commercials, television spots for marketing and infomercials), corporate video’s (imaging, infomercials for company use, television broadcast and company branding) and CSI products (corporate social events and promo’s).  

Figjam Entertainment founding member is Bianca Isaac; her experience spans over 9 years. The company is a 100% female owned business. Within this entertainment industry, Figjam Entertainment empowers females in the industry while creating some of South Africa’s most entertaining products.

Figjam Entertainment aims to create a sustainable film business in South Africa that can be translated across the globe.  To be internationally recognized, to create products and business (via distribution opportunities) within the film industry.  Bianca has successfully produced products for SABC, ETV, DTSV (KykNET), Theatre and community.




Figjam Entertainment… From concept to delivery: 


1. Feature Films: 

  a. Entertainment  

  b. Product Placements 


2. Television: 

a. Drama Series 

b. Sitcom 

c. Game Shows 

d. Talk Shows 

e. Children’s Programming 

f. Educational Programming 


3. Commercials: 

a. Adverts 

b. Television Spots 

c. PSA (Public Service Announcements) 

d. Campaigns 


4. Music Videos: 

a. Figjam Entertainment has partnership with Woodlands Avenue Studios for shooting music videos. Clients 

range from: Tim Hendricks, Khuli Chana, Morafe, Banele, JR, 3


5. Corporate Events: 

a. Videos 

b. Branding, Events, Entertainment 


6. Equipment Rental: 

a. Camera’s (5D), Sound, Lighting 

b. Off line, On line edit 

c. Final Mix



Affiliations Awards :

Best Producer Win for the hit series: Kruispad.

Best Producer Nomination for the series: Getroud Met Rugby

Best Drama Series Nomination for the series: Swartwater


Future Career And Business Goals :

Figjam Entertainment aims to create a sustainable film business in South Africa that can be translated across the globe. To be internationally recognized, to create products and business (via distribution opportunities) within the film industry. To encourage and empower females to create successful business with film products 

To consistently raise funds and investment portfolios to create films in South Africa.


Featured Member

Debbie Isaacs

Title : Conference Coordinator - Owner

Marketing Area : International

Type Of Business : Conference and Event Coordinating

Industry : Event Management/Promotions

Expertise : Project Management

Years Of Experience In Industry : 7 Years

Products And/Or Services :

Complete conference and event managemnt - from conceptualisation to completion

Source out venues, accommodation, transport, branding materials, conference secretariate, registrations, entertainment, financial administration (budgets), sponsorship, all audio visual and techinals requirements, tours, VIP and protocol

Conference and Events Coordinated by Debbie Isaacs Inc.

Africa Business Direct Welsh Environmental Trade Mission - 2003
World Movement for Democracy, Third Assembly (Appointed local consultant) - 2004
Commonwealth Local Government Forum Workshop with the Urban Council Association of Zimbabwe - 2004
ACCORD CIMIC Conference - 2004
ACCORD TFP Civilian Peacekeeping and Peace Building Cpurse in Lusaka, Zambia - 2004
Cities Alliance and the World Bank Conference "Making City Development Strategies Come Alive in South Africa - 2004:
Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism - Launch of BEE Charter and Scorecard - 2005
Children First Conference on "Resource Mobilisation for Community Based Care for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children - 2005
The Mahatma Gandhi Lecture and Awards - 2005
Diakonia Council of Churches "Celebrating 30 Years" - 2006
The Mahatma Gandhi Lecture and Awards - 2006
Satyagraha International Conference - 2006
Commonwealth Business Council. 6th Annual Africa Investment Forum - 2007
Africa Regional Participatory Budget Seminar - 2008
International Statistical Institute Conference Beach Party - 2009
Kwanaloga Games 2009
Kwanaloga Rural Development and Climate Change Summit - 2010
Kwanaloga Games - 2010
United Cities and Local Governments International Strategic Learning Exchange - 2011


Future Career And Business Goals :

My goal is to build my business into a self sustaining entity and to grow my reputation of always coordinating successful events and conferences


Featured Member

Roshan Isaacs

Title : Managing Director

Marketing Area : Regional

Type Of Business : Youth/Student career development and skills training

Industry : Training

Expertise : Strategic planning, project managing

Years Of Experience In Industry : 15 years

Products And/Or Services :

Drawn2it assists with identifying your perfect fit when deciding on your career path. Guidance offered to youth entering the business industry: How to ace your interview, build relationships and manage them, understanding the business environment, professional writing skills etc.


Affiliations Awards :

SABN Award, International Society of Poets -Amateur Poetry award, Meritoriusl award for finalist in South Africa's Most Influential Women in Business and Government in the Telecommunications, Media, Television, Radio Sector


Featured Member

Dorian Isaacson

Title : Managing director

Marketing Area : International

Type Of Business : Manufacturing, production, machinery

Industry : Manufacturing/Production/Machinery

Expertise : Sales, merchandising, new business development, retail, strategic planning

Years Of Experience In Industry : 6 years

Products And/Or Services :

Provides a range of high quality, economically fair and easy to use ladders that will be an asset to any business or individual in possession of them.


Featured Member

Daniel Isele

Title : Director, owner

Marketing Area : International

Type Of Business : Music management, entertainment

Industry : Music/Music Management

Expertise : Events management, music workshops, music videos, live bands, music productions, promotions

Years Of Experience In Industry : 17 years

Products And/Or Services :

Performing arts, music workshops and productions, artist management, live bands,

what we about- D.I production is a company that specializes - Event Management,Corperate functions, Music workshops,live bands, Photography/Music Videos Production, music productions, concert Promotions, Musical Euipments and Sound Dealer,Artist Management, Drum Clinics, Disco and events that requires sound,lighting, Dj's,Sound engineer to produce the wanted effect the client requires and Film Production


Affiliations Awards :



Featured Member

Jerry Igwilo

Title : Wealth Manager

Marketing Area : International

Type Of Business : Investment Services

Industry : Finance: Investment Services

Expertise : Investments, Finance Advisory, Structured Management

Years Of Experience In Industry : 7 Years

Products And/Or Services :

Investments, Advisory Services for Ultra High Networth Individuals


Affiliations Awards :

Licensed International Financial Analyst, Member of the Institute of Directors


Featured Member

William Irwin

Title : Owner, designer, developer

Marketing Area : International

Industry : Business Management

Expertise : With 22 years experience in his field William is responsible for program web design and all music production services.

Years Of Experience In Industry : 45 years

Products And/Or Services :

Fresh Lemon offers complete solutions for any customers design and web needs, including basic business cards, flyer design through CID Conceptualization and Logo Design and dynamic database driven websites. Also offering music production


Featured Member

Julie Ivason

Title : General manager

Marketing Area : National

Type Of Business : Consulting services

Industry : Consulting Services

Expertise : Business affairs, management, networking, implementations, aromatherapist

Years Of Experience In Industry : 4 Years

Products And/Or Services :

Project management, consulting training, implementations, leadership, development


Affiliations Awards :

Volunteer: UNISA Hospital in Centurion