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Featured Member

Colleen Jack

Title : Owner

Marketing Area : Regional

Type Of Business : Coaching, Facilitation

Industry : Consulting Services

Expertise : Coaching, facilitation and Lecturing

Years Of Experience In Industry : 9 years

Products And/Or Services :

One on one coaching: Colleen is a coach to executives, business leaders, entrepreneurs and people who love life. She coaches uncommon thinking, seeing patterns of behaviour, and exploring new patterns that will enable people to live their best lives. Her practice works with dynamic people from very different walks in life. From a an entrepreneurs launching an exciting high-end retail venture to a Paralympic cyclist who has just been chosen to represent South Africa in the 2012 London Paralympics.

Self-care workshops: Her passion for human potential led to the development a collective of workshops for corporate business. These Self-development workshops grow business leadership by addressing emotional wellness, physical health and nutrition, and re-connecting individuals to their personal passion while powerfully aligning the team to a common understanding. 

Subject specialist talks: She also delivers talks as a subject specialist on various topics for corporate teams or events. Two favorite talks are the Drama Triangle; it’s a simple model for understanding complexity and the Feminine Archetypes, a rich conversation using props and garments that people have a visceral reaction to. Many ‘ah-ha’ moments of gentle personal insights follow from these talks.

Large Group facilitation: The pattern Works specialises in personal and organisation growth, and leadership development through coaching and facilitation methodologies. As a lead facilitator Colleen collaborates with strong facilitators to create environments for teams to thrive, build cooperation, consistency and commitment. Developing authentic personal power and nurturing change and development. 

Master Classes: A series of 7 Master Classes for the clothing industry's designers and entrepreneurs addressing the more technical aspects of clothing manufacture.

Feminine Leadership Development: In these talks we will explore how these myths apply to each one of us. Learn to identify the mythological story in you, your mother, sisters, and friends. To give you access to the potential of the archetypal forces thereby integrating the fragmented parts that have possibly become one sided.


Affiliations Awards :

• COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa) Membership: GATPW-1905-COA

• ICF (International Coaching Federation) Membership: 009021620I Associate Certified Coach

• In group supervision with Joanne Searle (COMENSA and ICF)

• In one-on-one supervision with Gail Wrogemann (COMENSA, ICF, and SIOPSA) (Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology)


Featured Member

Duncan Jacobs

Title : Director

Marketing Area : Regional

Type Of Business : Medical Waste Transport

Industry : Healthcare: Medical Services

Expertise : Finance and planning

Years Of Experience In Industry : 21 years

Products And/Or Services :

Medical waste company in the Gauteng area that transports medical waste for various hospitals, clinics and cleaning companies

Supply of containers for medical waste

Supply of associated products such as gloves and dust masks


Affiliations Awards :

Diploma in Production Management

Institute of Waste Management of South Africa

Volunteers for the church


Future Career And Business Goals :

To grow the company into a recognised player in the medical waste industry in South Africa

To expand the range and supply of associated products to a broader customer base in the medical field

To diversify into more activities in the medical waste field



Featured Member

Steyn Jacobs

Title : Owner

Marketing Area : National

Type Of Business : Leisure, massage therapy, spa

Industry : Massage Therapy/Spa

Expertise : Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Thai Massage, Reflexology, Body Wraps, Thalasso Therapy. Listening Skills/

Years Of Experience In Industry : 11 years

Products And/Or Services :

Opened a Studio called Body Wellness Massage in Onerustic Road Urban Retreat Guesthouse.  We offer Massage, Facials, Reflexology, Manicures & Pedicures & collaberate with the guesthouse in offering packages.  The guesthouse which is also a private residence was designed by a renowned Dutch designer & was awarded the title of "House of the year" & was featured in many publication national & international.

With my passion for the spa industry & which role it play in today's life & the creative, artistic flair of the owner of the house we provide a surpassed service to our guests & clients visiting us.  This is a destination accommodation where you really can just kick back, be surrounded by nature in the middle of the city with Table Mountain as your backdrop & submerge yourself in art, music, sculptures & inspiration at Onerusticroad & Body Wellness Massage.


Affiliations Awards :

Was associated with Allied Health Professional Council.  In my career with hotels the last 9 years, I got numerous awards in customer service.

My achievement of becoming Assistant Spa Manager at Librisa Spa (The Mount Nelson Hotel - Orient Express Hotels) in Cape Town was a highlight.

Also to have been involved in reach out programs in South Africa was very awarding & would like to continue to be a positive impact on people


Attributes Success To :

To be guided by professionals in the field was of great help & to be open for learning, I succeeded far.  The eagerness to get to know more, to be more & my friends as supporting pillars is very important.  To have drive & to learn everyday new things, keep you up to date & fresh with information is vital in today's life.


Featured Member

Minazana Jakuja

Title : CEO

Marketing Area : National

Type Of Business : Manufacturing

Industry : Finance

Expertise : Marketing and business development, run investment company

Years Of Experience In Industry : 12 years

Featured Member

Alana James

Title : Managing Partner

Marketing Area : International

Type Of Business : Public Relations and Events Agency

Industry : Hospitality

Expertise : Growing Brands (personal/corporate), Brand Protection, Event Management, Public Relations, Marketing

Years Of Experience In Industry : 10 Years

Products And/Or Services :

I have 11 years experience in events management and have delivered events both locally and internationally across a diverse spectrum of clients. My experience covers sporting events, conferences, incentive tours and gala dinners just to mention a few for companies and organizations such as Virgin Active, Trinergy Brand Connectors, Vodacom SA, University of Cape Town, Amway South Africa, HARPO, UNICEF, World Health Organisation (WHO) and various political dignitaries.

With experience in both agency and client side of the industry as well as in the NGO sector gives me a great base. One of my greatest passions was the development work I'v done into Africa.

With an eye for detail, a flair for décor and a strong handle on event logistics with an ability to plan and run multiple big events concurrently I am consistant at delivering high quality focused projects. Passionate about giving back not only to the industry but also supporting individual growth, she sits on the advisory board for Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) for the Event Management curriculum. 


Affiliations Awards :

Business Women's Association of SA

Advistory board Member for Cape Technical University for the Event Management curriculum

Member of Cape Town Tourism

Member of Business Women's Network

Member of Women in Finance

Member of Project Management Professional Network


Attributes Success To :

Passion for the industry, a dedication to both clients and staff.

I have been exceptionally lucky to have been influences by many great leaders and motivators!


Future Career And Business Goals :

Growing the current business, to allow the support of start up companies to grow within the industry. Mentor development

areas giving potential the opportunity to grow. I would like to bring the training focus back to customer experience

and not just customer service.


Featured Member

Vanessa Janse van Rensburg

Title : Owner

Marketing Area : International

Type Of Business : Leisure, hospitality, tourism, travel, groups

Industry : Travel/Tourism

Expertise : Group tours, wholesale tours, corporate travel

Years Of Experience In Industry : 17 years

Products And/Or Services :

Full service travel agency and group tours


Featured Member

Mabel Jansen

Title : Senior Advocate

Type Of Business : Law, Intellectual Property, Patents & Trademarks

Industry : Legal Services: Other

Expertise : Arbitrator, intellectual property law, constitutional law, mergers and acquisitions

Years Of Experience In Industry : 29 years

Products And/Or Services :

Intellectual law, arbitration


Affiliations Awards :

Most Outstanding Student Award at University, Assists with Training peers straight out of University


Featured Member

Teresa Jenkins

Title : Managing Director

Marketing Area : Local

Type Of Business : Advertising & Marketing

Industry : Advertising/Marketing/PR

Expertise : Small business development

Years Of Experience In Industry : 15 years

Featured Member

Clayton Johnson

Title : CEO & Owner

Marketing Area : National

Type Of Business : Business Development & Strategic Planning

Industry : Business Development

Expertise : Provide service excellence and professionalism to all stakeholders, sets the industry standard in deploying and implementing strategy

Years Of Experience In Industry : 40 years

Products And/Or Services :

Business Consulting

Business intelligence

Business Transformation


Health Care Solution

Information Technology


Affiliations Awards :

Member of Suppy Chain Council

Member of Transport Forum

Member of Computer Soceity of South Africa

Memmer of Black IT Forum



Future Career And Business Goals :

Leader in solutions in Business Trasnforamtion , Strategy Formuation and Implemetation of Solutions. Also Leaders in Information Techonology, Transportation, health Care Solutions and Supply Chain

Be on the world circuit lecturing.


Featured Member

Natalie Johnson

Title : Administration, co-founder

Marketing Area : Regional

Type Of Business : Lobbying for the sexual dignity of every man, woman and child

Industry : Consulting Services

Expertise : PR, marketing, administration, consulting, facilitation

Years Of Experience In Industry : 13 years

Products And/Or Services :

We are a voluntary community organisation which began as a pressure advocacy/lobbying group in 1999 to wake South African men to the horrific lack of safety and security for women and children in the country.


WDD has been responsible for several initiatives, including the Real Men Don't Rape TV campaign featuring Charlize Theron and Romeo Khumalo, the White Ribbon Awards and the Good Men's Marches.


Affiliations Awards :

We support:

Friends of Child Protection:



Future Career And Business Goals :

Our Vision: To lobby and advocate for the sexual dignity and safety of every woman, man and child in South Africa. For a society that respects its citizens and for the return of Ubuntu in our communities and societies.


Our Mission:

To lobby and advocate in the areas of gender-based violence (GBV) through our Real Men Don't Rape (RMDR) media campaign and to provide online lobbying and advocacy support through our website, the media (print and electronic) and social media (our Facebook group page and Twitter) to government, non-governmental organisations (NGO's), non-profit organisations (NPO's) the community at large and the general public.


We foster excellence by working with government, NGO's, NPO's, Educators, survivors and families of victims of violence to re-claim their dignity.


Note: GBV encompasses all forms of interpersonal violence characterised by gendered power imbalances, included in this, intimate-partner violence refers to emotional, spiritual, physical, sexual and financial abuse between people who are intimate, it also includes broader subcategories of gender-based violence, namely family and domestic violence.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) now positions intimate-partner violence towards women as an urgent public health priority. It severely breaches human rights and has profound mental and physical health consequences that impact on entire family systems over generations.