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Featured Member

Susan Wassenaar

Title : Owner

Marketing Area : International

Type Of Business : Healthcare & Antiaging

Industry : Healthcare

Expertise : Responsible for sales, marketing of the products and services and offering expert advice

Years Of Experience In Industry : 8 years

Products And/Or Services :

Eezehealth is a natural health product company importing products for candida and colon cleansing, I also specialize in genetic based anti-aging products


Affiliations Awards :

Member of the National Candida Association. In 2010 she was nominated Mrs Modern Woman of South Africa. She volunteers her time with Nourish the Children Malawi


Future Career And Business Goals :

My main goal is to educate people about their bodies and health, also to have an anti aging strategy in place for your specific life style. 


Featured Member

Veronika Waters

Featured Member

Shirley Watts

Title : Co-Owner

Marketing Area : Regional

Type Of Business : Medical Training & Equipment

Industry : Healthcare

Expertise : Paramedic

Years Of Experience In Industry : Since May

Products And/Or Services :

Emergency medical funding

Safety talks for in and out the house

First aid levels 1-3

Basic life support for paramedics course

Feild guide talks

Snakes and snake bite awarness talks

Gift cards


Affiliations Awards :

South African Fire Services, Multiple Schlerosis, SBCA

South African Cat Society


Featured Member

Judith Weidemann

Title : Marketing Director

Marketing Area : International

Type Of Business : Government and Non-Profit, Community, Charities, Non-Profit Organization

Industry : Community/Charities/Nonprofit

Expertise : Goat Breeding

Years Of Experience In Industry : 11 Years

Products And/Or Services :

Produces South African Goats, Breeding Stock, Renewable Energy


Affiliations Awards :

Institute of Directors of South Africa, Public Relations of South Africa, Red Meat Association of South Africa, Exporting of South Africa Association


Featured Member

Jonathan Weltman

Title : Chief Executive Officer

Marketing Area : International

Type Of Business : Tourism Group

Industry : Travel/Tourism

Years Of Experience In Industry : 15

Featured Member

John Wentzel

Title : CEO

Marketing Area : Regional

Type Of Business : Facilities Management & Integrated Services

Industry : Facilities Management/Maintenance

Expertise : Responsible for the strategic direction of the company, brand management and handling profit and loss. John also has extended experience in banking, consumer groups, logistics and manufacturing.

Years Of Experience In Industry : 7 months

Products And/Or Services :

One of the leading facility managemeny service providers in South Africa, offering tailored solutions to meet the demands of their clients needs. Drake and Scull provides any combination of services on a local, regional or national basis. Services offered include accredidation, non-technical infrastructure services, technical infrastructure services and business support services.


Affiliations Awards :

Member of the Institute of Directors SA, both national and international public speaking experience


Featured Member

Gary Whyte

Title : Owner

Marketing Area : Regional

Type Of Business : Leisure, hospitality, tourism, travel

Industry : Travel/Tourism

Expertise : Knowledge of big cats

Years Of Experience In Industry : 5 years

Featured Member

Beverly Willemse

Title : Financial Accountant

Marketing Area : International

Type Of Business : Ferrochrome Production

Industry : Accounting

Expertise : Responsible for the cash book department, cashflow, cards, contracts, conversion deals, supervising of the payroll department (normal and executive), and all financial reports

Years Of Experience In Industry : 6+ years

Products And/Or Services :

International Ferro Metals is an integrated ferrochrome producer listed on the London Stock Exchange. IFM produces ferrochrome from chromite ores located in the Bushveld Igneous complex, one of the world's richest mineral repositories and largest ferrochrome producing regions in the world. IFM's integrated chromite production facilities use the latest technology ensuring that its product is of international quality and the company aims to be a low cost producer.


Featured Member

Michele Williams

Title : Owner

Marketing Area : Regional

Type Of Business : Health, Well-being & Sprituality

Industry : Healthcare

Expertise : Therapist, Energy Healing, Aromatherapy, Shamanic Massage Therapy

Years Of Experience In Industry : 18 Years

Products And/Or Services :

Home based metaphysical healing practice working with clients. Maker & supplier of individually hand mixed 100% pure Aromatherapy Products. Supplier of high quality essential and carrier oils. Teacher of metaphysics & meditation.


Affiliations Awards :

Reiki Master & Teacher - Usui Lineage

Advanced Practitioner - EMF Balancing Technique

The Reconnection - Eric Pearl

Pranic Healing - World Pranic healing Foundation - India

Aromatherapy Diploma - Ranger & White Aromatherapuetics

Sangoma - Traditional Healers Association, South africa

VIP Guest - Ashford Radio  LiveTalk Show (USA)


Attributes Success To :

I attribute my success to belief in what I do, hard work, tenacity and dedication.


Future Career And Business Goals :

To continue on my journey of personal growth which in a quantum way affects every living being and the Earth. To continue with the work I am doing as a healer and teacher, as well as working with the medicinal oils and herbs for safer, non-toxic products on the market. I have the intent to write a childrens book and a book on my adventures of training as a Sangoma (this one I have already started). Yet at the same time I shall remain aware of any other opportunities that come my way.


Featured Member

Brian Williams

Title : Director

Marketing Area : International

Type Of Business : Business efficiency & compliance

Industry : Compliance

Expertise : Background in software development, systems solution engineering, project management and business efficiency programs

Years Of Experience In Industry : 30 + Years

Products And/Or Services :

We help people and organizations

 Who recognize and acknowledge that

                        They hate filing, and need help

                  With filing compliance.


Assist businesses with compliance requirements and quality control measures:


We help:

§  Build Intelligent Electronic files.

§  Reduce costs

·         Printing

·         Instant access to documents from desktop

·         Manage Risk on POD’s and other important documents

·         Reduce consequential costs/ write backs due to incomplete or lost files.

·         The solution more than pays for itself in savings realised.

·         Improve Staff efficiencies.

o   Eliminate time wasted looking for files in archives.

o   Manage Company information by making it securely available on each staff member’s local desktop.

o   E-mail documents instead of printing.


We build through Partnership and collaboration with our clients.


We would like to help you. 


We work together with you to establish an integrated solution that ensures filing compliance. This will help you know where documentation is missing, and where files need attention.

We work with you to understand your business filing requirements, and then put a robust proven solution in place to ensure on-going compliance. This understanding of your business coupled with our own tool set provides a quick and effective way to:

1.       Deal with your specific compliance requirements.

2.       Improve billing cycle (time to process bills receivable).

3.       Improve service levels.

4.       Deal pro-actively with areas that would have previously left the business exposed.



Future Career And Business Goals :

To continue to help business where required - implement solutions that help to erradicate fraud and encourage transparency