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Featured Member

Catherine Young

Title : Owner

Type Of Business : Consulting Services

Industry : Consulting Services

Expertise : HR Skills, Development General Manager and Operations

Years Of Experience In Industry : 6 Years

Products And/Or Services :

Consulting with Strategies for Business and Individuals


Affiliations Awards :

Project Management Institute, Chartered Institute of Procurement Specialist


Featured Member

Peter Yiangou

Title : Director

Marketing Area : National

Type Of Business : Software development

Industry : IT

Expertise : Financial services, sales and marketing for medium and large enterprises, daily operations, commercial management, business strategy, cost management

Products And/Or Services :

YQ Systems is a producer of business intelligence software. Budcom, our landmark software has been developed over the past 18 years and encompasses the core necessities of business process. 

We have created a platform which simplifies and moulds to your business needs without over complicating the system. Budcom, can link and/or extract information from any of your other databases or systems.

Budcom's key feature is that it can consolidate all your informal but very useful process spreadsheets onto one single platform whilst utilizing information from your other systems. This in itself has major benefits as well as saving gigabytes of storage on your servers.

There are a number of key benefits to our software namely:

1. Reporting - it's simplicity has huge benefits when running reports of any sort. Not just financial but staffing, projects or any report your business needs. This will ultimately save many hours in misspent time consolidating reports.

2. Centralized system - As many offices these days, it takes a number of different systems to gather and use different types of information like accounting or HR information. Budcom can be used as a central platform to gather, use and capture information and run multiple complex reports simply. 

3. Flexibility - Changes to spreadsheet layouts or formula calculations can be made whilst users are busy capturing information without loosing any data. All information can be viewed at any time, even during the information capture process.

Our software is designed to be easy to implement, inexpensive compared to major ERP software systems, and can compliment any system in use or on the market.


Featured Member

Vivian Young

Title : Director, Owner

Marketing Area : National

Type Of Business : Building and Construction

Industry : Building and Construction

Expertise : Civil Engineering

Years Of Experience In Industry : 1 and a Half Years

Products And/Or Services :

Project Management, Contracting Company, Residential Construction


Affiliations Awards :

Masters Builder Association, National Home Builders Association, Western Cape Civil Engineering Association, Southern Africa Engineering Association


Featured Member

Sharon Young

Title : Owner

Marketing Area : International

Type Of Business : Event Management, Promotions

Industry : Event Management/Promotions

Expertise : Event Planning and Hospitality

Years Of Experience In Industry : 25+ Years

Products And/Or Services :

Event Planning and Travel


Affiliations Awards :

Travel Associations, Linked In


Featured Member

Mary Young

Title : CEO

Marketing Area : International

Type Of Business : Automotive Recruitment & Job Placement

Industry : Recruitment/Executive Search Firm

Expertise : Human resource management

Years Of Experience In Industry : Since 1989

Products And/Or Services :

Vehicle manufacturers, component retailers, truck importers, anything to do with the automotive industry.


Attributes Success To :

24 years of giving good service to the members of the automotive industry.


Future Career And Business Goals :

We are finding we are doing much more business in the interntional market and have already many contracts in place.