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Davy Davies-Vaneetvelde's listing

Administrative and / or Project support

ZAR 250 per hour depending on the project or hours

on-Demand Administrative Support for Professionals and Small Businesses

We are a Service Provider who assists in a clients business operation through our Virtual Assistants and Specialists. An on-Demand Administrative Support for Professionals and Small Businesses

We provide necessary support without adding to your payroll or being a hidden cost in taking space and using your equipment that is associated with additional headcount, because we work from our own offices. We connect with our clients through the Internet, telephone or any other means that enables us to get work done virtually.
Why outsourcing?
Would you like to have 50% more time to do those things that are really important for your business? Could you benefit from better cash flow and greater efficiency?
We can help you become more productive, make better use of your marketing budget, convert more sales, give you back your time and help you achieve a more successful business.
The companies that will hire us are those in need of support that:
Can’t afford to hire an employee
Are worried about the hidden cost a new employee can bring
Don’t want to go through an extensive recruitment process
Don’t need someone full time, but only for a few hours a week
Don’t have the space to have an extra employee in the office
Don’t have the know-how of the tasks to be done
Only need support for a short term project
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